RainBox Launches Funding Campaign for a New DUIK 16

RainBox’s Nicolas Dufresne has launched a cloud funding campaign that hopes to bring DUIK 16 to After Effects animators. DUIK is a popular way to rig and animate characters with FK and IK controls in After Effects. Since its inception, DUIK has grown into an animator’s toolkit offering tools that can be used, even if you are not animating characters.

DUIK 16, Still Free

It’s important to note that astoundingly, Nicolas has managed to keep DUIK free for all users. This is a rarity in the After Effects tools community, where much of the offerings in the ecosystem can be viewed by some as a cash-grab, from third-party folks who are quick to fill the neglected holes in compositing and motion design tool that so many of us rely on.


Responding to user feedback from its users, Nicolas Dufresne has a plan for the next version. On slate for DUIK 16 are some new features, improvements to existing tools, some UI development, and bug fixes. There will also be new documentation, a user guide, and developer guide for the DUIK 16 API.

Be sure to visit the campaign page over at indigogo, and consider donating to help make DUIK 16 a reality.