Learn To Create a Stylized Mouth Rig With Magnus Moller

Magnus Moller is an Art Director and Generalist at Tumblehead Studios, who kind of specializes in stylized characters. Magnus has worked on a few projects that featured them, including the miniature spaghetti western Rob ’n’ Ron. You can learn how to create that type of highly stylized mouth rig used in some of his projects.

Magnus is hoping to advance people’s skills in stylized character creation with a new course that shows how to create the stylized mouth rig using ZBrush and Maya BlendShapes. “This is a method I have used on several projects at Tumblehead Animation Studio and I’m really excited to share this design-oriented rigging technique.” Magnus writes.

Magnus also mentions that you can apply the technique to many different kinds of rigs, which you can easily set up to control how you like.

Creating a Stylized Mouth Rig – using Blendshapes costs $25 and can be found here.