An In Depth Look at the Material Iterator Node in Xpresso

Can you alter color brightness of a material in Cinema 4D using xpresso? Yes, you can according to the Xpresso Mechanic Julian Field. Watch this in-depth look at using one of Xpresso’s iterate nodes to change the brightness of 4 materials in the scene.

an in depth look at the Material Iterator Node and discuss how it can be used

The iterate nodes in C4D all can output values on a per-frame basis. A single iterator node, for example, can spit out the position of every object that you have in your scene. Think of them as a “for next loop” as a node. An Iterator node can process objects, materials, points and polygons all at once. They are really useful for managing lots of objects at the same time.

In this case, the Material Iterator is used to control the brightness for more than one material that is used in the scene.