Some Nice, Free Custom KBar Icons from Patrick Butler

Free Custom KBar Icons

Have you picked up a copy of Kbar yet? It is kind of like ft Toolbar, but it’s a bit more modern, and more flexible. One of the ways that it is more flexible for users, is that Kbar lets you easily create and use SVG Icons as buttons. Already there has been a few people that have been sharing their custom Kbar icons with the community.

Motion Artist and Designer Patrick Butler has a nice set that you can download and use, exclusively with Kbar. The pack includes buttons for common tasks in After Effects such as using Explode Shape Layers, Separate Dimensions, LoopOut, Wiggle, and more.

Butler also shares some expressions that are handy to have around too. These handy expressions also come with some nicely designed icons. You can download the bunch over on Patrick’s site.