Working With Fusion Delta Keyer and a Clean Plate

VFXstudy’s Bernd Klimm Covers How to Work With Fusion 9’s New Delta Keyer and How to Fine-Tune Your Matte

Fusion 9 made some much needed changes to the Ultra Keyer, but it also added a brand new and much more powerful Delta Keyer. Watch this 30 min tutorial from VFXstudy’s Bernd Klimm, as he walks us through everything we need to know about Blackmagic’s new keying tool.

The delta keyer is at its core a color difference keyer which blackmagic added to Fusion 9

The new Keyer is really a color difference keyer at its core. Compared to other keying tools within Fusion, it is likely the most advanced and versatile, especially when combined with a clean plate. The Delta Keyer really seems to combine some of the best features from other keyers, like KeyLight, with the best of Fusion’s Matte tools.

Klimm provides a bit of background about how color difference keyers work before working through a practical step by step example.