Create a 3D Scene from 2D images in Fusion

CG Artist Vito LaManna Walks Through Transforming a 2D Image into a 3D Scene Using Simple Tools in Fusion

Blackmagic Design’s Fusion gives users a unified 3D space to work with. Having a functional 3D space is great for not only working with models and scene recreations, but it also makes working in “almost” 3D that much easier — when talking about popping an image into a 3D scene, we are usually talking about camera projections.

CG Artist Vito LaManna (from the popular Youtube and Patreon Con-Fusion) shows us how to transform an image into 3D space using camera projections. With Fusion, you only need a few simple tools to create a 3D scene using projections.

Blackmagic Design recently released Fusion 9. Features included a new VR toolset among many more. Incredibly, Blackmagic dropped the price for Fusion Studio to $299. This and the free Fusion version both make it really hard not to give it a try.