How to Create Edge Extension in Fusion, Fixing Z-Depth Issues

Vito LaManna Shows How to Create an Edge Extension in Fusion, Perfect for Fixing Keying Issues and Z-Depth Troubles

A common compositing trick is to extend the edges of a matte. It’s a great way to chronology antialiasing and fix issues with green screen keys and Z-Depth render elements. Visual Effects Supervisor Hugo Guerra showed how to create a compositing edge extension in Nuke, so naturally Fusion users wondered how to transfer that tip to Blackmagic Design’s Fusion. Con-Fusion’s Vito LaManna stepped up to show us how.

There are a couple of ways to create an edge extension effect in Fusion. The classic method would be to use the Alpha Divide node. With the release of Fusion 9, there is a second way, using the Channel Boolean node. Vito walks through the technique using footage from the open source movie “Tears of Steel”.

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