How to Approach Modeling Headlights in 3D-Coat

Anton Tenitsky Walks Through His Approach for Modeling Headlights on a Concept Car Using 3D-Coat

Mentor at CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation, Anton Tenitsky shares some techniques and things to consider when creating details in concept models with 3D-Coat – in this case, creating headlights.

Automobile headlights are difficult to reproduce in 3D renders if you don’t have all the right components. In real life, car head-lights have a variety of materials and components that make up how they look. Glass, plastic, metal, rubber and other such details will matter in the final render.

Tenitsky shows how you can account for some of the components and how to build them out in 3D-Coat, using the surfaces of the model as reference for new geometry. Check out Tenitsky’s variation on the technique that he employed on his Hybrid Vehicle Concept.