BAO Bones Gets a New Overlaps Manager

After Effects’ BAO Bones Now Lets You Define and Animate Overlaps With a New Overlaps Manager

BAO Bones offered an easy and fast way to rig and animate characters within After Effects. The Ae tool gave users a hassle-free way to set up and use the IK chains that are needed when working with character animation in After Effects. A recent update sees an innovation in animation workflow called the Overlaps Manager.

The new feature let you define and animate a depth value at the start and end of each mesh, very similar to the puppet tool. Now you can quickly set overlaps by merely adding the Bones Overlaps Manager to your layer. That will give you two parameters for every bone that you are using. The first parameter is used to define a start depth value, while the second lets you specify the depth value for the end. The Z values work similarly to 3D Layers. Adding keyframes enables you to animate those values over time.

Visit aescripts + aeplugins to learn more about BAO Bones for After Effects.