Maya Users: How to Get Started With Blender

Jayanam Covers the Differences Between Maya and Blender Getting New Users Up to Speed Quickly

Why would Autodesk Maya users want to use Blender? Well, to begin with, it is free and holds its own against more expensive applications. Blender lets you work with fluid systems, dynamics, rigging while also having a world-class renderer in Cycles. The open source 3D app also has cutting-edge tools that are beyond some of the ones available in applications like Maya. Bendy Bones and Grease Pencil are already marvels for 3D artists to envy. If you are a Maya user, how to get started with B3D can be challenging.

Blender does some things differently. Namely navigation, selections, transforming objects with the standard move rotate and scale, are all very different in B3D if you are accustomed to how things work in Maya

Jayanam covers the differences between the two applications with this short 10-minute introduction that contrasts some of the tools between the two. He covers all the basics including navigation, transformations, using object and edit mode, editing geometry, extruding and inserting edges. Now you can get up to speed, fast!