What is a Space-Switch & How Do You Build One?

Meghdad Asadi Lari Answers What is a Space-Switch in Rigging and How do You Easily Build One in Maya

Rigging or animating, a space-switch is an important element to the process. What is a space-switch though? Answering the question is Meghdad Asadi, who also walks through creating one.

Meghdad shares some of his insights from his 7+ years of experience as a 3D artist. A spaceswitch is a series of “spaces” that essentially can animate the effects of a parent. There are some helpful tools out there that will help artists create a switch easily. For example, Riham Toulan’s Space Switch Tool is an easy way to create switching.

Want to compare techniques? Kasper Larson offered some simple tricks for creating your own Space-switching controls. Casper focused on being able to update the character reference without breaking the setup.