Working With MASH and Soft Body Dynamics

Maximilian Schönherr Asks and Answers the Question “Can MASH Objects Be Soft Body?”

The short answer is no. MASH works with a Repro Mesh and instances, so it is polygon based. Soft Body dynamics is of a different world, working with a particle and spring system to make objects behave as if they were soft or made of cloth. The two worlds can’t meet, but you can use goals to make the two work together.

Watch this short 10-minute tutorial where 3D Artist Maximilian Schönherr (Uhr) experiments with both SB Dynamics in Maya and Maya’s motion graphics toolkit, MASH. Making the MASH network the goals for the soft body dynamics is an interesting premise, and with a bit of tweaking, Maximilian gets a probable result. Neat!