Cake Plugin for C4D Offers Better Bake Render Process

Uwe Schweer-Lambers Looks at Using the Cake Bake Render Plugin Within Cinema 4D

Motion Graphics Artist Uwe Schweer-Lambers, otherwise known as Equiloud, offers a quick look into using the Cake plugin for Cinema 4D. Cake provides a way to create perspective-based renders on an unwrapped UV texture. It’s a better (or sweeter, using the cake reference) bake render process.

The plugin requires a couple of inputs for the camera you are using, and the mesh that you want to project baked textures on to. If you find yourself creating bake render output for a variety of reasons, Cake can probably help.

The plugin works with Cinema 4D’s render multipass system, and Team Render. Cake will only work with C4D’s built-in renderers though: That includes both standard and physical. It also doesn’t work with any post rendering effects like hair and the like.

Still, if you are looking to speed up your bake render process, Cake might be worth a look.