How to Get Super Smooth Subframes from a FLIP Simulation

Simon Fiedler Shows How You Can Interpolate Smooth Subframes of a Houdini FLIP Simulation

You have created an excellent FLIP simulation, and you are quite happy with it: Yet, you can’t help but feel that if the simulation played out a bit slower, that you will like it better. The problem is that everything is cached, and you don’t want to take the change of changing the initial simulation and lose the magic that you have now. Not to worry, there is a way to interpolate subframes.

VFX Artist Simon Fiedler shows how you can get interpolating subframes from a FLIP simulation using the Timeshift Node and a little bit of VEX. “This can be very useful to create super slow motion fluid sims without changing anything in your initial simulation,” Fiedler says. Now you can get subtle slow-motion effects from your simulation without too much hassle. “It’s not perfect, of course, because it’s interpolated, but it can do the job in a lot of cases,” Fiedler adds.