Free Frames To Milliseconds Converter for After Effects

UX in Motion Shares a Handy Free Frames to Milliseconds Converter for UX and UI Designers in Ae.

After Effects can keep track of events either as frames or by using standard timecode. Both widely used when working with animations, but if you are working with developers to create UX and UI animations, you will probably need to be working in milliseconds. In After Effects, you can probably set something up pretty quickly with some simple maths, but’s Issara Willenskomer has a free and handy template as a frames to milliseconds converter.

Frames To Milliseconds Converter does precisely that. It gives you a heads-up display showing the frame count as well as the time in milliseconds. “When delivering UX projects that I make in After Effects, I often need to convert from frames to milliseconds. The timecode display in AE does not display milliseconds, which is annoying.” Willenskomer says. All you need to do is import the project into your own and drop it in as a layer.

Visit to download.