Getting Started With Fusion in DaVinci Resolve

Vito LaManna Starts a New Series Getting DaVinci Resolve Started With the New Fusion Tab.

ConFusion is known for creating tutorials that center around more advanced techniques using Blackmagic Design’s Fusion compositor. With the announcement that DaVinci Resolve has a new fusion tab right within the software, Vito has a new focus to help new users get started with how a node-based compositor like Fusion works within Resolve.

His new Fusion in DaVinci episodes is for the Resolve user. “I will mostly explain the basic usage of tools,” Vito says. “In this one, we will look into the Merge and Boolean Tool, how to combine footage, and what to be aware”. If you are a DaVinci Resolve who is already familiar with Fusion, then you should check out Vito’s Fusion standalone tutorials.