Check Out These HardSurface Modeling Techniques in C4D

Salah Bouzgma Goes Through Some Nice TIps as he Creates 3 HardSurface Models in Cinema 4D.

HardSurface modeling can have three stages: 1. Oh, this will be easy! 2. Hmm, this isn’t easy at all. 3. (After some time wasted) Oh, why didn’t I do ______!. Each model comes with new challenges and unforeseen problems. That alone why it becomes valuable to see how colleagues approach some of the issues confounding modelers.

3D Artist Salah Bouzgma walks through how he builds three different hardsurface type of models, each posing new challenges in Cinema 4D. The demonstration covers some tips and a few techniques in C4D some of which you might not be familiar. In the end, you might have a better understanding of how to best approach objects like the ones shown.