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  • Futurama 3d

    More at: Music: Alan Silvestri – “Forrest Gump Suite” (fragment) Software:...

  • A Sneak Look at Akeytsu, a New Innovative Animation & Rigging Platform

    akeytsu promises to bring animation and rigging back to the artists

  • Dream Life of Paper

    1984 London is thrilled to introduce you to their short animated film, ‘Dream Life of Paper’, a phantasmagorical, dreamy allegory...

  • Pudge

    “there are great trembles. jiggles. waves and rolls. a fevered dance and a harsh critic. a bad reaction to tin and aluminum was inescapable....

  • Innuendo

    Innuendo (2014) is an animated graduation short about procreation and reproduction. Life itself is inherently obsessed with this ongoing cycle....

  • The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out

    Its like a What Would Jesus Do bracelet, only a film, and more burgers. Official Selection LA Comedy Festival Official Selection Adobe First...

  • Yeti For Breakfast

    Created by Vancouver Film School student Josh Adler through the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program.

  • Setting Shaders for Character Elements in Toolbag 2

    a look at creating character elements in toolbar 2 including skin, hair, and eye shaders

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