Category: 3D

EDITION 4, by Sparkle*

Edition 4 – 30 Seconds of Sound Visualised. Audio Produced by – Simon Pyke ( 30 Seconds of Sound Visualised is an Audio project created by Simon Pyke. Simon is a sound designer at, an acoustically treated studio in Brighton, UK and can happily support every stage of production from sketch to final

Brent Forrest’s “Dirty Pool”

A timeless tale of good versus not so good. All the storyboards, animation, effects, lighting and rendering, compositing, editing and sound mixing are from Brent Forrest. Brent built the set and recorded the sound FX with his iPhone in a Tokyo pool hall. The rig was downloaded from and the music was composed by Roberto Ignis.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight is a short film inspired by the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. In this fictional tribute to Pasin’s legacy, what begins as a small boy’s over-scheduled, over supervised, boring day with Grandpa turns into a larger-than-life journey, narrowly escaping wild monkeys and battling aliens to save