How it All Started

lesterbanks initially started as a repository so my students could find tutorials and techniques that didn’t send them off in different and very wrong directions. Often when learning how to use software, and the creative workflows needed to see a project to its finish, it can be difficult to determine how legitimate a technique actually is, especially within the context of what you are trying to accomplish- and that is what LesterBanks originally set out to do.

Since then the site has grown beyond the scope of what I intended it to be, which is great.

I want LesterBanks to be a valuable resource for the 3D and computer graphics community, which would included designer, motion designers, 3d artists and everyone in-between


I try to keep the scope of the site manageable and relevant, which is becoming increasingly harder to do. The site is just me. I don’t have a “team” of authors and journalists, and the items that get posted are not done so through some sort of automated system. It is done manually, every day as part of my daily routine.

More and more, I do get interesting tidbits thrown my way by visitors, and I always do my best to help the community out by spreading the word on what is new, or some tutorials that should be brought to the forefront.

About The Person Behind Lesterbanks

I have been an part time instructor over the last 15 years. I absolutely love to teach and in the end, I have become much better “learner” because of it.

I co-founded a small shop with two partners where we do visual effects, motion graphics and anything that is graphic related – also of note, LesterBanks is a nickname I picked up quite a while ago – it is not actually my name, but I do respond to it.

I have had the opportunity to use most 3D applications out there to some degree of capacity, some more well than others, right now I use Autodesk Maya, but in the past I have Cinema 4D’d, 3ds Max’d, and humbly started with swivel 3D, RayDream, Infini-D, Strata Studio Pro, Electric Image, LightWave, Amapi, Form-Z, and the list goes on.


I would love some help! If you have something on your mind that you would like to write about, get the word out, or would like to write an article of any length, by all means I would love to have guest contributors.

If you have work that you are especially proud of or want to show off, breakdown, demonstrate process or techniques, or if you want to create a tutorial for the site, I would be more than happy to provide you with lots and lots of views.

You can direct all your queries to lesterbanks[at]lesterbanks[dot]com – I do my best to respond promptly, and in a friendly manner.



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your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of highly targeted potential customersLesterbanks provides an everyday resource for the computer graphics professional, enthusiast, or CG community member.lesterbanks.com is anything computer graphics related and is visited by people who are interested in 3d modeling, 3d rendering, 3d animation, motion graphics, and visual effects. Topics often include software as autodesk maya, adobe after effects, the foundry nuke, imagineer systems mocha, 3d Studio Max, modo, cinema 4d, V-Ray, Mental Ray, photoshop and much more.The majority of the visitors are professionals and students over the broad spectrum of the computer graphics field.

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