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Nailing Down Linear Color management in Maya with Mental Ray

Ever have mental ray sun and sky renders look a little washed out? You need to manage your color workflow. Here, Jon Tojek provides a great look at creating a linear color management workflow in Maya when using mental ray, showing how to correct the gamma for mental ray’s physical sky, and verify that the textures in your scene are actually being color corrected to the linear space.

Maya Mental Ray Linear Workflow Overview

Zeth Willie throws up some quick notes in the form of a great general overview of creating a linear workflow in Maya for Mental Ray rendering. Be sure to check out the Maya Mental Ray Linear Workflow Overview tutorial at WillieWork here. Zeth Willie has also updated the zbw_gamma script that works by shader selection and sticks

Maya and Mental Ray Linear Workflow

Derek Flood demonstrates two methods for Linear Color Workflow using Maya and Mental Ray. Derek shows a “simple” method using the mia_exposure simple lens shader, and a more advanced setup using OpenEXR image formats. Derek also notes that a great resource for Linear Workflows is a 4 part series by Zeth Willie.