SynthEyes Adds a Robust 3D Planar Tracker to Its Match-moving Feature Set

Andersson Technologies LLC released SynthEyes 1311, adding 3D Planar Tracking capabilities to its already impressive suite of tracking and match moving tools, making it simple to track shots, using even a single planar tracker to define a camera or object path.

A huge new 3-D planar tracking feature set, so big it needed its own 47 page manual

The new Planar can operate in both 2D and 3D modes with channel selection controls, light compensation, and offers a detail mode. The SynthEyes 3D tracker also works well with the standard tracking solvers in SynthEyes, allowing for real world scale by working with on-set measurements.

SynthEyes Planar tracking system has export routines for Adobe After Effects, which can automatically import the tracked data into After Effects.

Some other additions into SynthEyes 1311 are an nhanced texture extraction for less blur on traveling shots and complex meshes, Motion blur can now be had in the perspective view’s Preview Movie, And SynthEyes 1311 makes Python and Extreme scripting available to all Pro users.

You can comfortably get into SynthEyes for a mere $299.00, with SynthEyes Pro running at $499.00, you can learn more about SynthEyes here.