Daniel Gies with another great tutorial for creating characters in After Effects, this time he looks at setting up a multi layered character in After Effects for animation using the puppet tool… good stuff!

Rigging Multi-Layered Characters PART I from Daniel Gies on Vimeo.

Part one of this After Effects tutorial outlines the basics for parenting puppet pins to Null objects so that you can create dynamic bone systems for your After Effects characters.

Rigging Multi-Layered Characters PART II from Daniel Gies on Vimeo.

Part two of this After Effects demonstrates how to refine the Puppet Tools mesh to make it bend and fold more realistically by utilizing the powerful Starch Tool.

Rigging Multi-Layered Characters PART III from Daniel Gies on Vimeo.

Part three of this After Effects will show you how to refine the mesh further and correct unwanted anomalies using the Puppet Overlap Tool.