EJ Hassenfrantz takes a look at some of the newest features of the Text Edge Effects Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D. Text Edge Effects is being updated to version 1.4 and not only provides a fast and easy way to add custom bevels to type, but it also provides a more flexible way to create edge effects on 3D type, logos, or any spline shape in Cinema 4D.

Introducing Text Edge FX version 1.4, a must have tool for anyone who works with 3D type or logos in Cinema 4D

TEFX offers really intuitive controls with over ten custom bevels and nine inner bevel styles, with practically infinitely customizable options. You are also able to create your own custom shapes for bevels and apply those just as you would a built in bevel.
Text Edge Effects version 1.4 will be available soon from C4Dtools.net for $14.99 and owners of any previous Text Edge Effects version can upgrade for free.


  • Inner Bevels with Spline Editor Controls to interactively control your inner bevel shape
  • 9 Inner Spline presets
  • Spline Edge FX integrated into Text Edge FX
  • Improved speed
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Bug fixes
  • R14 support

Other features include:

  • Gorgeous looking text or logos, super fast!
  • Infinite bevel options
  • Full control of bevel & text subdivisions & phong angle
  • Editable capping & fillet edges
  • Over 10 custom bevel splines included
  • Ability to use your own custom bevels
  • Simple & intuitive interface & controls
  • Free point release updates