As with every major release of NUKE, Jack Binks updates his J_Ops suite of Nuke tools providing color correction tools, HDR merging tools, rigid body physics, and plenty more.

This rebuilds against Nuke 7.0 and adds the J_ICCkyProfile op for applying ICC based conversions inside of Nuke (also available for embedded profiles in camera raw files via J_rawReader), as well as adding concave body support to the J_Mullet toolset, plus a whole range of additional tweaks and fixes

J_Ops 2.1v1 for Nuke 7 most notably sees a J_ICCkyProfile operation for applying ICC based conversions right inside of Nuke, as well as adding concave body support to the rigid body dynamics tool, J_Mullet. J_Ops also adds plenty of tweaks and fixes to round out the release.

  • J_ICCkyProfile added. J_ICCkyProfile allows ICC based colourspace conversions to be applied within Nuke.
  • J_Mullet:
    • Concave Bodies. Added new collision shape type – the tri mesh.
    • Initial Body Velocity. Added initial velocity controls to the J_MulletBody and J_MulletCompound ops for both linear and angular control.
    • Optimisation Control. Added ’optimise’ control to the J_MulletBody and J_MulletCompound ops, allowing control over whether Bullet can optimise the scene for faster simulation by allowing static bodies to deactivate.
    • Progress Bars. Added progress bars to simulation phase, which has in turn been moved out to Nuke 7.0’s updated prevalidate phase.
  • J_rawReader:
    • Thumbnail support. Added thumbnail decompression for jpeg and bitmap based raw thumbnails when in the file browser.
    • Embedded ICC. Aded ability to read embedded ICC profile and apply to the image data.
    • fixed bug which intermittently made decoded images report incorrect size. Resultant image data would only be for part of the frame.
    • removed ARRIRAW tcl redirect script since Nuke 7.0 features native ARRIRAW reading, which is significantly better than the DCRaw based implementation. If you need it back for whatever crazy reason, copy and rename one of the other tcl redirects to J_rawReader (for example the cr2Reader.tcl script).
  • All plug-ins and their library dependencies have been rebuilt with VS2010 on windows (and gcc4.1 on linux for those libraries which hadn’t been for 2.0), in line with Nuke 7.0.
  • Moved documentation to using compressed jpgs to reduce build and install size.
  • Removed bookmarking script, due to Nuke 7.0’s inclusion of similar functionality.
  • Made drag and drop improved script handle extensions in varying case.
  • Bundled a ’manual install’ directory in windows build, at user request.
  • Tweaked included init.py to evaluate relative directories for correct path additions. Thanks Mike @ Artixels for the heads up!

J_Ops can be obtained from the J_Ops Project Page here, as well as being available on the J_Ops Nukepedia page here.