Niko from Corridor Digital demonstrates motion tracking and matchmoving in Boujou providing camera tracking concepts that can be applied to other tracking/matchmove packages. Niko provides a great overview for tracking in Boujou and explains what is happening and how the motion tracking software works.

There are many programs that can do camera tracking, and the same basic fundamentals apply to all of them. In this video, however, Niko shows you how to get a flawless camera track in Boujou!

Niko also provides some tips for shooting footage that will ultimately work better for tracking in post. Boujou is typically used at high end facilities that require tracking and matchmoving tools to track difficult shots, as Boujou typically runs around $10,000.00 per user license, with Boujou silver Bullet as their low cost tracker weighing in around $5,000.00 per license, so its not really something that hobbyists can afford to use.