Matthew Pearson demonstrates how to animate and oscillating fan without the use of keyframes, and instead relying on Cinema 4D’s Xpresso to provide the animation.

This tutorial will show you how to use xpresso to rotate the fan blades and oscillate the fan head without the need for keyframes

Matthew shows how to set up the model for animation, and then animates the fan blades spinning, and the oscillating head using simple Xpresso and some maths.

This will eliminate the need to have repetitive keyframes, or adjusting keyframes in multiple areas of the animation, by adding User Data that will allow you to change properties of of the animation quickly.

You will be able to use slider controls for tweaking blade speed, oscillation speed, and turning angles to fully control the animation of the fan.

Check out the tutorial for Animate a Fan in Cinema 4D Without Keyframes Using Xpresso here.

Oscillating Fan Animation from Matthew Pearson on Vimeo.

Animate A Fan Without KeyFrames Using Xpresso from Matthew Pearson on Vimeo.