Maya PV Locator Script Assists in Creating Pole Vector Constraints


It has been a while since we have seen any additions to the RigBox Reborn project. Jennifer Conley set out on a mission to revamp and revise her personal rigging toolbox for Maya that is comprised of smaller more flexible components and tools.

This podcast demonstrates the functionally of RigBox Reborn’s latest addition; The PV Locator ScriptJennifer Conley

RigBox Reborn is a suite of tools that keep at hand all the commonly used windows, options, rigging components and elements. Basically most everything you need for rigging in Maya.

Creating a Pole Vector

One of the things that you would want to look out for when adding pole vector constraints to joints, are that values that could creep in from the controls not being aligned properly or even in the right location.

This is where the RigBox Reborn PV Locator Script comes in. It is a simple tool that will assist in the placement of the pole vector control shapes. The tool will place a locator in the correct position based on the selected root joint. You can then use the locator to correctly place your control for the pole vector constraint. The Maya PV Locator Script can be found here.

More on RigBox Rigging Scripts for Maya

You can find all of Jennifer’s rigging tools that comprise the RigBox Reborn Tools for Maya over at CreativeCrash here. This site has featured some elements of the RigBox Reborn suite. We have had the opportunity to catch some of the development additions, and explanation of use along side some tutorials covering their operation for RBR in previous posts.

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