The Power of Precomposing in After Effects: 30 Days of Ae

Precomposing in After Effects is a tedious necessity so it is easy to forget how important or powerful the art of precomposing  in After Effects can be.

This is where 30 days of After Effects day 15 (half way!) comes in, showing the full potential of precomposing in After Effects, making it easy to build out complex looking animations. Check out The Power of Precomps in After Effects here.

School of Motion is running 30 Days of After Effects.  The event is sponsored by the Motion Design Department @ The Ringling College of Art & Design.

In addition to releasing a new video every Monday-Friday for the next 6 weeks, School of Motion and Ringling have partnered up to create a contest for visitors to the site.  A user-submitted project will be selected and reviewed by the Motion Design staff, with the review-session being filmed and shared on School of Motion and Ringling social media.  The winner also gets a 30-minute Animation Coaching session with Joey Korenman from School of Motion, and publicity from the contest.