Can Substance Designer Be Used for High Resolution Hard Surface Models?

Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer quickly became the industry standard when it came to texturing using Substance Materials. Using a nodes based approach, Substance Designers allows you to work nondestructively to create Substance Files or bitmapped textures.

discussing using Substance Designer to create materials for High Resolution Hard Surface Models. 

Both Substance Designer and Substance Painter have been thought of as game development tools for the most part. But Can Substance Designer be used for high resolution hard surface workflows?

This is what CG Artist Nail Blevins tries to sort out. Neil discusses the pro’s and con’s of using Substance Designer in a high res workflow. Although admittedly, Neil notes that he is not a proficient Substance Designer user, he does raise some great points throughout.

Neil attempts to recreate his 3ds Max workflow using Allegorithmic’s Designer to create materials for High Resolution Hard Surface Models.