aw-Autosaver Gives you More Control Over Autosaving in After Effects

If you have ever crashed After Effects, lost work, or worse… Lost an entire project. You might want to consider another method for creating backups over After Effect’s native autosave feature.

aw-Autosaver is a powerful replacement of the standard After Effects auto save option

New to the market is Alex White’s aw-Autosaver which is meant as a replacement for the standard auto save option in Ae. aw-Autosaver offers many more options over the standard fare currently available in After effects.

The aw-Autosaver script gives you an easy to use panel with a great UI and settings. You can easily and automatically back up to any location, save a project copy, or even add comments to your versions as they get saved.

You can even monitor the number of versions you have easily within aw-Autosaver’s panel. The script will allow you to easily open the versions folder you are saving to with a click of a button.

You can pick up aw-Autosaver for $15.00, which is a special introductory price of 25% off until Nov 12, 2015.