Camera Matching a Single Frame With SynthEyes

SynthEyes is simply amazing. It’s inexpensive and powerful so that it can get any tracking job done. For new users however, SynthEyes’ workflow can throw people off, if you are not used to higher end tracking software. The interface can throw people off as well, if you are used to more slick looking apps like C4D or others. All this doesn’t mean that SynthEyes isn’t easy to use, because it is. You can open up the app, track or set the camera matching of a shot and get out pretty quickly. A lot of it gets no more complicated than just a few clicks.

An example of how easy it can be, is Look Dev Artist Austin Judovsky’s demonstration of how to match the camera of a single image, so that you can then add elements to it in 3D or build out a new scene based on the initial camera matching setup. Once you have the camera matching done, you can then import the scene into any package of your choice using SynthEyes’ many export routines, including export for 3ds Max, Blender, Nuke, Etc.