Jr. Canest Shares Some Great Tips for After Effects

LearnSquared had a live stream featuring motion graphics all-star Jr. Canest (Jorge R. Canedo). The stream was open to a question and answer dialog where Jorge when through some of his work and showed how some of it was completed, offering some insights into his process. This includes some pretty amazing tips for working with After Effects.

Watching the hour-long screencast, it becomes pretty obvious that sometimes there are no definitive answers or solutions. Sometimes it is just a matter of buckling down and applying some blow to the process.

Certainly scripting, expressions and other workflow enhancements in the right places will make for an easier time in Ae. You have to ask yourself, as Jr. Canest does “will it be faster to just work through it or fumble through expressions?”. Sometimes it’s just easier to just chew through it as a unique case.

Jorge mentions his Ae Expression reference sheet in the vid. You can find that here.

Watch for the tips, but stay for the process; It is always great to see how people approach a problem.