Cable Script for Maya Helps You Create & Edit Cables Quickly

Romain CHAULIAC’s Cable Script for Maya Offers a Much Cleaner Result Than Maya’s Traditional Extruded Profile Along Curve Method

Hard-Surface Master Romain CHAULIAC has a new low-cost script for sale that allows you to easily and quickly create cables with only a couple of clicks. “Cable script for Maya will help you to easily create and edit cables. It’s also really quick and you can generate tons of cables in 2 clicks!” Romain says.

Likely the most popular method for creating cables in Maya is to extrude a profile polygon against a curve. Actually, this is the default behavior for Maya’s extrude polygon tool. Without a curve, it merely drops to a simple extrude. Chauliac’s Cable Script doesn’t use this nearly traditional method to create its cables, however. “The generation is not based on the classical Maya method (extrude a profile along curve). Thanks to that you will have more robust and cleaner result.” Chauliac says about the script.

Chauliac already has a small development plan for the script, citing these features for the next version :

  • Conform UVs
  • Rigging
  • Dynamics
  • Return to curve