Ad Hoc New Rig Controls With New Sticky Controller Tool

José María Tejeda’s Sticky Controller for Maya Lets You Easily Add New Controls Over Any Rig

Technical Director José María Tejeda has a fresh take on creating controllers when rigging characters in Autodesk Maya. His Sticky Controller tool lets you quickly create new controls over any rig, almost ephemerally.

Sticky Controller is a way that you can create extra controls to manipulate parts of the geometry as needed. The tools will automatically integrate the new controller into the rig. The Maya tool works off creating soft selections. It offers a much faster way to build new controllers as you need them, without having to worry about how they fit into the existing rig.

Sticky Controler gives a small panel that houses tools for identifying the object, creating and selecting new controls, and configuring new control shape, color, and sizes. There are also handy weight painting tools, and a way to save, import and export controls for a smooth workflow. Seems like a great way to refine rigs for specific ephemeral tasks.

Learn more about Sticky Controller here.