Use the Fusion Planar Tracker to Change Seasons

Vito LaManna Shows How You Can Use the Fusion PLanar Tracker to Change Your Scene Without Re-Rendering a Single Frame

Con-Fusion’s Vito LaManna breaks down a commercial spot he was involved with some insights into how it was all put together in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion. During the project, some of the scenes needed to change seasons. What was summer now had to look like winter. LaManna chose to use the Fusion Planar Tracker to track the scenes and use the track to add new elements to the shots.

Instead of re-rendering the shots in the spot, LaManna created a workflow that would allow him to easily track the shots, rather than starting over or using camera projections to add in the snowy elements. The Fusion Planar Tracker was a new addition to the recently released version 9.

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