Using 3D-Coat to Bake Models for Painting

Dave Wilson Shows How to Bake Models in 3D-Coat and Paint Them

Throughout production, you might use a few tools to get what you need. More than a few workflows involve some bouncing around from application to application. One app that can integrate into pipelines well is 3D-Coat. It’s very capable in a lot of areas and can be a supplement to the tools that you already use. 3D-Coat can create UV’s, bake models, or paint.

Watch this short 13-minute tutorial where 3D artist Dave Wilson shows how you can use 3D-Coat to bake imported models. The process is a great way to inherently generate a base texture that you can build your texture. Wilson shows how to send files from 3D-Coat to Photoshop to set up gradient maps as a first pass at painting.

3D-Coat has a 30-day demo version that you can download and try to get started.