How to Quickly Place Labels With Cinema 4D

Maxon’s Jonas Pilz Shows How to Place Labels on Anything Without Having to Ever Unwrap UVs

When you work in 3D, eventually you will need to place labels on something. Even though there are many ways to do it, some methods end up being much more complicated than others. Cinema 4D, however, has a sure-fire and fast way to slap a label on anything. And you don’t even need to create complex shaders or unwrap your model for UVs.

How? If you guessed projections, you’d be right. Watch Maxon’s Jonas Pilz latest quick tip that walks through the process.

3D Artist and tutorial creator Shane Benson showed a similar technique, only using Arnold render for Cinema 4D. That technique also included a method for applying multiple labels.

Motion Designer Sean Frangella also had a look into creating realistic glass complete with semi-transparent labels.