In starting a new series jokingly entitled “how to suck less”, this represents the first tutorial which explores photoshop’s vanishing point for export and its strength and weaknesses in the animation production pipeline. There are also some handy tips on how to get some control on a vanishing point export so that it remains effective in after effects, as well as some tips on using vanishing point to generate a quick camera with scene-correct settings that can be used as the start of camera mapping projections in after effects, maya or your 3D program of choice. View the tutorial here.


  1. Really cool tutorial, Mr. Banks 😉

    I like the Suck Less theme idea a lot… keep it up! You’re an awesome teacher.

  2. Troy

    I now suck less 😛 Good tutorial LB!

  3. Martin

    Thanks a lot Lester,
    I almost gave up on VP, now I know what I always did wrong. Great tutorial and really great teaching and exlaining!

  4. This is a great video overview of using Vanishing Point with After Effects. I’ve included a comment on this page to point to this tutorial:
    “Importing 3D images from Photoshop Extended and Illustrator”

    When you create other tutorials about After Effects, I encourage you to add comments to the relevant page(s) of After Effects Help to point people to them.

  5. Awesome tutorial! Finally some proper instruction that brings end to my struggles with the weird positioning of the exported VP scenes!

  6. good instructions! do you have further tutorials, or can you recommend what to do with those 3D scenes in AE after the fact? I’m just starting out, but would like to learn about moving text around them, changing lighting and moving the camera around..

  7. Thanx for this cool tip 🙂 One can really make good stuff using this tutorial…!! And the most important thing is that you have told what mistakes we do, that is very helpful as i always stuck in that part.. thanx once again

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