A little while ago a question came up on how to draw an archimedean spiral in illustrator. Of course illustrator has a tool for creating spirals, however they are not Archimedean where the line moves away from the center at a constant speed. Of course this can be done by scripting in illustrator, in fact you can do pretty much anything by scripting in illustrator if you know javascript and have a lot of moxie. For those of use who are moxie-less, fortunately you can download some free scripts to run in illustrator. One such resource is script author SATO Hiroyuki providing 28 or so scripts for illustrator for free. Just go under the file menu, scripts, and load one to try out, there is even one one for an Archimedean spiral.

While we are on the subject, you can also check out vectips 10 free and extremely useful illustrator scripts, as well as the exchange at Adobe for everything scripty. Me, I am old school. I figured out how to draw one manually using no math, with cleaner points on illustrator version 1.1.