Creating an elaborate time remap in After Effects for altering not only the speed of clips, but playing them forward and backwards in succession can be a really tedious task.

Aaron Benitez, the VFXBro has created an After Effects template to help out in this regard, with and After Effects Template he calls Super.Scrub. Super.Scrub will allow you to use the movement of the mouse in After Effects to control and record the playback of the clips in the After Effects timeline in real time, rather than keying and editing a time remap.

Use the movement of your mouse to control and record the playback of your clips in real time. The perfect tool for crazy editing

the Super.Scrub will add a null controller in the After Effects viewport that records a motion sketch that will scrub the affected clip, which is a pretty clever solution on Aaron’s part.

Of course, while you are gesturing the null all over the palce for the recording process, you are not able to see a preview of the video that you are affecting, however, you are able to sync your mouse movements with the audio that is present in the timeline, providing some organic scrubbing effects easily.

Be sure to check out the VFXBro at his site, and also check out Super.Scrub Template for After Effects which Aaron is providing as a freebee.