Jazon And The Dead – Official Teaser Trailer

By Dennis Jensen

August 22, 2013

Denmark, Viborg – “Jazon And The Dead” takes a different approach to the zombie theme. Where most new games are “spray and pray” your way through hordes of zombies, this game focuses on the puzzle solving and tension in hiding from zombies. Of course there is the joy of shooting the brains out of a zombie but it’s only in rare situations you have enough ammo to take out a couple of zombies. As the player you need to think before taking out a zombie, because it might mean that you later in the game don’t have the necessary ammo in a critical situation. Unlike most indie games “Jazon And The Dead” will include a lot of cinematics.

The art style is unique, the game is in 3d but the style is inspired by comic book artists that use dark ink lines to convey a monochromatic mood. The game will be developed for PC and Mac, and it will be released in episodes with 5 episodes in total. The teaser is leading up to a Kickstarter campaign which will be announced on a later date. The team behind is currently looking for funding to further development of the project.

2nd Studio is a small independent company based in Viborg – Denmark, with focus on animation and games. Last January their short film “Out Of the Ordinary” was realized and well received by the press and the audience. The short was shown at 6 film festivals. Since then the two founders have been working on small game projects to gain experience. Instead of starting out with commercial job like small visualizations, TV spots or illustrations 2nd Studio goes all in on this bald project.

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