Jay AnAm posts a quick introduction to using DragonBones Pro, walking through importing assets, simple rigging and animation.

What exactly is Dragon Bones Pro? It’s a free and open source 2D skeletal animation system featuring IK, Constraints, Skinning, and anything else that is relatable to 2D character rigging for animation.

If you have heard of Esoteric Software’s Spine, DragonBones is in that same “runtime animation” category. Dragon Bones can export to multiple animation formats that include HTML5, Flash and Unity. You can use it as purely a rigging an animation tool by exporting animation as image sequences.

Dragon Bones Pro is cross platform too with both Windows and MacOS versions. Download DragonBones Pro Free 2D Skeletal Animation Solution and take it for a spin. The download can also install a plugin for Flash that can convert flash animation to Dragon Bones animation.