A Completely New Frame.io Will Reveal a Never-Before-Seen Set of Collaboration Tools for Content Creators.

A brand new and completely revamped Frame.io is on the way for content creators with a summer release. Until then, you can catch a sneak look at NAB 2018. The new Frame.io will bring support for images, PDFs and audio, enhanced commenting, improved version control, all new integrations. If that wasn’t enough, there are over 150 other improvements to its workflow management platform.

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Frame.io to Preview “The All New Frame.io” at NAB 2018

One year in the making, the all new application brings support for images, PDFs and audio, enhanced commenting, improved version control, all new integrations, and over 150 other improvements to its workflow management platform for video teams.

New York City, NY – March 27, 2018 – The leading workflow management platform for video teams, will preview the all new Frame.io at NAB 2018, in anticipation of the full release early this summer. The next generation of the company’s media review and collaboration software, the all new app will be reengineered for speed. Large projects can load up to 100X faster and uploading media now supports Gigabit speeds and beyond. Broader media support, better version control, new commenting tools, and enhanced search top the list of over 150 new features and improvements coming to Frame.io.

What’s New in Frame.io

The all new Frame.io sets a new industry standard with a never-before-seen set of collaboration tools for content creators. Used by all types of creatives – from freelancers working with individual clients to small internal teams and massive distributed organizations – Frame.io offers both professional and enterprise solutions to meet the unique needs of anyone creating video.

New features in the all new Frame.io will include:

  • Advanced media browser with enhanced search and a new uploader with nested folder support. The new Frame.io will be up to one-hundred times faster with a new media browser that enables users to fly through thousands of assets at lightning speed. New sorting and search options make it easier for users to find exactly what they need in less time. The all new uploader can support speeds above 1 Gigabit and retains full nested folder structures during upload.
  • Revamped core video playback and state-of-the-art media experiences for video, audio, images, multi-page PDFs and animated GIFs. The Rebuilt Core Video Playback Engine means faster/smoother playback with less buffering, at up to 4K resolution.
  • Rich, range-based commenting. Comments that support attachments and new range-based feedback. Range-based comments unlock a whole new level of communication. Users simply drag the comment handle over the timeline to create a range and better reference the underlying content.
  • Presence. See who’s currently watching (live) and who’s already watched with clip history. Clip statistics show you play count, historical views, and even let you set up a notification when a specific person or group of people start viewing.
  • New version control. The new version manager in the all new Frame.io lets users add, remove or rearrange versions from the stack.

And over 150 additional features and improvements:

  • All new apps and integrations for enhanced workflows
  • Improved playback performance with HLS and DASH streaming
  • Visual watermarking
  • Media lifecycle management
  • Dozens of security features in support of a commitment to offer the most secure platform available for video review


In addition to these brand new features, there is a completely redesigned player experience in February 2018 that laid the foundation for the new Frame.io and many more features to come. The new player page supports 360-degree VR content with spatial annotations so users can highlight a specific target within the frame. With a polished design and improved performance on mobile browsers, the player page allows users to an easily add descriptions to files, clearly see what date and version they are working on and collaborate even more quickly with their teams and clients.

Meet with Frame.io at NAB 2018

The Frame.io team and product demos will be hosted at the Western Digital booth (SL6316) in the South Lower Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To request a private meeting, please contact sales@frame.io.


About Frame.io

Today’s leading media companies use Frameio to streamline their video review and collaboration process with teammates, clients and a variety of other stakeholders. Frame.io is all about what happens before distribution, before you reach the finish line. They make getting there faster, smoother and more efficient with a single platform that works seamlessly across web and mobile. Frame.io for iOS is the winner of a 2016 Apple Design Award.