Leo Covarrubias covers the basic setup for rendering motion blur with mental ray. Mental ray can produce very accurate motion blur of both, primary objects and shadows and reflections.

Runtime: ~20 min.
Software: Maya, mental ray
Instructor: Leo Covarrubias

Maya – Rendering Motion Blur from CG Bootcamp on Vimeo.


  1. chris

    Great tutorial! The only thing is when I render my Mental Ray as a TGA file How do I convert the images to a video? I can’t find any free software. Help please

  2. anya

    Wonderful tutorial–very clear and friendly. Thanks, Leo. Quick question: How to insure that motion blur is properly applied to reflections? In my current scene the moving object is blurry, but its reflection in another object is crisp. Thanks a million for any pointers.

  3. sotiris

    Thanks for spending time recording this video for all of us.Take care friend.

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