Peter Richardson created Voxelizer 1.0 for Autodesk Maya, which will take a base form and “volexize” it with a set number of boxes, you know for that 8bit look the kids are doing these days. This is really sweet! And in trying Voxelizer 1.0, I found it pretty straight forward to set up and use, with the results being pretty consistent. Peter offers a downlaod, so why not try Voxelizer 1.0 right now?! Download it here, and try the test file here.

Voxelizer 1.0 from Peter Richardson on Vimeo.

Voxelizer Python script for Maya respects transparency, textures, and lights. Allows keyed cube and gap sizes. Fun at parties.
Starring: Banana, Utah Teapot, and Lego Guy.