Create your own effect in After Effects, or rather, what appears as an “effect” in the After Effects Control Panel with Slim Expression Controls for After Effects, which will allow you to neatly organize your expression controls.

Ever wanted your expression controls to be neatly organized into a single effect?

Typically, creating controls in After Effects will show up in the Effects Panel as a simple list, uncategorized, and non-hierarchal.

With Slim Expression Controls, you are able to create what looks alike a typical “effect” in After Effects with categorized groups, placing all of your controls in a single effect.

Slim Expression Controls will also let you create defaults for your values and group the controls as you see fit, and you can even create an installer for your “Pseudo Effect”, giving you the option to share your effect, or save your settings for another time.

As with something new on AEScripts, there is a special introductory price for Slime Expression Control until May 10, 2013, where you can purchase it for $29.99, after that it goes to $39.99. Check out Slim Expression Controls for After Effects here for more information.