TypeMonkey, the After Effects tool that can automatically generate complex kinetic type animations with the camera included, recently updated, adding motion blur, the ability to load and save presets, and new support for 3rd party text mods.

Also recently posted is a new tutorial that shows how to customize TypeMonkey affected text in After Effects after it has been laid out and animated, showing how to add other effects such as drop shadows or extrude the text into 3D.

This tutorial shows how to create extruded text or add any other effect to text layers created by TypeMonkey

TypeMonkey can create kinetic type animations in After Effects from layer markers, allowing you to focus on the process of animating rather than the thousand technical bits that are associated with kinetic type animation in AE.

For more information on TypeMonkey, Rich Young has a great roundup over at the AEPortal that he updates as news, updates and releases occur with TypeMonkey.