In case you missed it, HitFilm has had a successful Kickstart Campaign, bringing HitFilm 2 to the Mac environment. There are many similarities between HitFilm and After Effects, but one of the most appreciative things that HitFilm has over AE is that most things are integrated, such as an editing environment, the 3D Environment, Lens-flares and particles.

This not only means that you are not required to buy expensive plugins, but, (and I think this is the stronger point) there are more opportunities for making the effects to interact with each other easier, as they exist in the same world.

This is a simple tutorial showing how to create rain on glass in HitFilm, where Axel Wilkinson offers a look at using HitFilm 2’s particles to create a rain on glass effect.

Find out how to create realistic raindrops on your camera lens (or any other surface)

The tutorial is a two part look, where the first part shows how to get the rain going with particle, and the second looks at how to get the rain dripping and creating trails on the glass, for a fairly realistic effect.