Digital Anarchy have posted a free public beta to their new tool for removing flicker in time-lapse and slow motion shots in After Effects, Flicker Free.

An introduction to Flicker Free, the new plugin for removing flicker from time lapse and slow motion footage

Flicker Free for After Effects is based on research that the Digital Anarchy’s co-founder did while at ILM. The Flicker Free plugin targets the same users that RE:vision Effects’ DE:Flicker are after, being similar tools and effectively solving the same problem.

Flicker Free will smooth out the flickering that typically occurs with shooting Time Lapse, Slow Motion, or even archival or old footage, keeping the color and detail of the original.

Flicker Free is currently available for After Effects and Digital Anarchy are working for Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and other host applications.