You will probably remember a while back, the  Paul Clements’ Breakdown of his “Ministry of Sound” headphones spot, and the huge response of tutorials that came after that from people trying to find out how most of it was done.

That was a long while ago, and mostly overdone by everyone. Except for this one part. Dries Lambrecht noticed that the one section where the headphone cover comes together was never covered by anyone. So he did.

My first C4D tutorial showing you how to make the headphone casing using Cinema 4D not by using joints but by Point level animation, which allows for easier controlDries Lambrecht

Dries shows how to put together the animation in the spot, with a bit of a twist. Dries uses point level animation to handle the motion of the pieces, for what he says allows for better control over the original joint based system.

To refresh your memory, here is the magic that is in question: